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Today’s weather was a little more on the muggy side. Cloudy & hella windy—but weirdly still super hot. Denim jackets are legit the best for that exact situation, it blocks the wind & keeps you warm without making you sweat bricks-n-ish.

I kind of wanted my backpack to be main piece for this outfit, specifically the pattern. So I kept the clothes plain, attempting to give the bag pattern more attention.

Backpack » Topman
Jacket » Asos
Henley Tee » Target
Pants » Cotton-On
Oxfords » Zara

Also, I liked the black pants because they tend to block the upper part of an outfit, giving the shoes sort of its own attention. It also helped that the Oxfords were the only tan throughout the whole outfit—leather’s always a nice break.

And I know I went hardcore on the image coloring, but it’s addicting yo :\ hahaha I feel like it fit the mood! (Hopefully)



It being my first try at this, it was definitely awkward…everybody decided to chill outdoors today. -.- Also, with it being the first post I thought I’d keep it close to home & just take some shots around the neighborhood.

Anyway, Spring is here (kind of—it’s Texas) so I’m slowly shifting out of my all-black winter mode (again, slowly). This winter I wasn’t very much into mixing multiple colors/patterns as usual—I did a lot of black & one color; but with it starting to get hotter & brighter outside, the more weird it becomes to wear all dark clothes. And so today was sort-of my first ‘Spring’ outfit.

The maroon pants (for me) was already obnoxious & enough of a statement/pop in itself, so to tone the outfit down a bit I added a neutral tan jacket, neutral off-white canvas kicks, & some blues throughout. 

Jacket » Cotton-On
Button Up » Cotton-On
Pants » H&M
Kicks » Cotton-On

In terms of accessories—since I started working at Fossil, I’ve gotten super into watches (when I use to hate ‘em) as well as bags. Again, to tone it down a bit; I wore my black-leather Skagen watch & black backpack. I can never just wear a watch alone so I also added some other somewhat-neutral bracelets to just add content & textures.


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